White pearls vs colored pearls

White pearls vs colored pearls

Pearls also have colorful colors. Although people have not yet fully concluded the reasons for the color formation of colorful pearls, it can be concluded from the colors of pearls that the colors of pearls have a great relationship with the mother-of-pearl that breeds them. South Sea Pearls are often produced in golden lipped, while black pearls are produced in black lip shells.

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Our common pearls are all white, therefore many people think of white pearl jewelry when they mention pearls. In fact, this is just an illusion. pink and purple are common in freshwater pearls recently. 

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The colors have become much more colorful with the advancement of pearl cultivation technology. The most important color to choose depends on personal preference, but please also pay attention to whether the color of the pearl is natural and clear, and avoid buying dyed pearls.

Post time: Jul-14-2021