The natural world is magical. Nature gives them appearance and texture, and then humans give them price and value. As a representative in jewellery, pearls are definitely worthy of our discussion.

Common colors of freshwater pearls are: white, pink, peach, and purple. So why there are so many colors in freshwater pearls?


More than 95% of the common freshwater pearls are cultivated artificially. Farmers will implant small pieces of cells in the body of pearl oysters, and foreign objects will enter the mantle of these snails. They feel uncomfortable, so they secrete some pearl powder, wrap the foreign objects, and slowly turn into pearls. So the gene of the color of the pearl depends on the implanted mother shell. And the freshwater pearl mussels come in many colors, so pearls will also have different colors.


The content of trace elements in different ponds is different, and the influence of trace elements makes the color of pearls better.

Post time: Dec-20-2021