Pearl jewelry’s matching

Pearl jewelry’s matching

For those who have not tried pearl jewelry, pearl earrings or pearl pendants are the best choice. Whether you are gentle or open, the pearl jewelry’s tolerant, making it no matter who wear will not look obtrusive.

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Wearing pearl jewelry in daily life is gentle and generous, and elegant in major occasions and work. Pearl jewelry can be matched with sweaters in winter, shirts in spring and autumn, and V-neck or short-sleeved skirts in summer.

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Ladies who are used to simple styles or who like new ideas can choose some special styles when choosing pearl jewelry. In this case, you need to consider the fit of the jewelry, the clothes and the occasion.

Another way to save money is to stack and combine existing accessories. For example, when stacking necklaces, it is best to choose two or three necklaces of different lengths, which can form a sense of layering. At the same time, the accessories (chains) of the necklaces should be of the similar color. Two of the most infallible combinations are pearls with pearls and pearls with diamond.

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In fact, strand necklace can be matched with T-shirts and sweaters, it gives people a sense of exquisite and playful cuteness, but it is also worth noting that the color of the clothes is best to choose a solid color, otherwise the color of the clothes will cover the pearls.

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Post time: Dec-28-2021