Dyed Gold Pearl Beads and South Sea Gold Pearl Beads

Dyed Gold Pearl Beads and South Sea Gold Pearl Beads

The golden pearl we usually talk about refers to the South Sea Pearl, which is a kind of seawater pearl born in the oceans north of Australia, the Philippines, Malaysia and the Indonesian archipelago. Because of its golden color, it is called the South Sea Gold Pearl, also called the South Sea Pearl. No matter in terms of preciousness or price, it can be called the king of pearls. High-quality South Sea Pearls are even rarer.

It generally has a diameter of 9-16mm the South Sea Pearl, most of which are between yellow and white, precious small amount in rich gold.


Therefore, the price of gold beads is very high. The chase of the market makes many manufacturer choose to dye pearls. So, how do we distinguish between dyed pearls and natural gold pearls?

1, Color

The color of dyed beads is sluggish, but the color of natural pearls is not a solid color, there are often accompanying colors. Turn the pearl slowly, and you can see the slight rainbow-like flash constantly changing. The color of dyed pearls will be too single, no matter from which angle they look the same, so they are obviously different from natural pearls.


2, Spot

For dyed pearls, the pigment will settle in a place with a relatively low density, then spot will be formed, however, natural pearls have relatively uniform color and there is no such phenomenon.


3, Price

If you encounter South Sea Pearls that are in rich gold color and good in shape, but the price is very cheap, be attention. Because the proportion of South Sea pearls with good color, good shape and flawlessness is very small, the price will be much expensive.

If a seller claims that they have 11-13mm round and flawless gold pearls, and the price is cheaper than what you used to know, stay away from it.

4, Size

If the South Sea Pearls’ size are less than 8mm in diameter, you need to be highly vigilant.

The diameter of Gold Pearls is generally 9-16mm, which is a common sense.


If you are not sure whether the pearls you purchased are dyed, please take it to an authoritative testing agency for testing.


Post time: Jul-03-2021