• Pearl Earrings

    In our daily life, we can choose the long pearl earrings first, it is the best weapon to modify the face shape, both elegant and outstanding, it can be said to be a essential item. The long earrings are simple and generous in style, and can be matched casually, which can...
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  • The best place to buy jewelry online: earrings, rings and more

    The thing is this: I love shoes and bags as much as the next girl, but I have a special place in my heart to wear jewelry. In fact, I am obsessed with my little collection. However, I am also always looking for new and shiny clothes-luckily, I have collected some of the best places to buy jewelry...
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  • Cross-sea: the latest developments about the place of pearls-Jewelry Business Cross-sea: the latest developments of the place about pearls

    Pearls have been admired and cherished by people since ancient times. They were highly appreciated in ancient Greece and Rome, and since then, they have been known all over the world as objects of decoration and value. These decorations come from all over the world. There are still natural pearl ...
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  • which one wears for a longer time for various of pearls?

    which one wears for a longer time for various of pearls?

    Seawater Pearl Akoya: The thinner outer layer of the powder is easy to fall off. Pearl powder over 0.4mm thick can be worn for 5 years, but the gloss will be weak and need to be polished. South Sea Pearl: All South Sea Pearls (Australian White, Gold Pearl, Tahiti), hav...
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  • Summer Accessory–pearl jewelry

    Summer Accessory–pearl jewelry

    In the scorching summer, the heat is hard to be endured. Girls’ word shoulder blouse, halter tops, and halter dresses appear in turn, but the matching of accessories cannot be ignored. Pearls come from the water and naturally have a cool temperament. It is one of the best accessories to wea...
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  • Medicinal pearls

    Medicinal pearls

    Pearl is an ancient organic gemstone, produced in pearl mollusks and nacre mollusks. It is produced by endocrine action. Mineral beads containing calcium carbonate are assembled from a large number of tiny aragonite crystals. The composition of natural pearls are:91.6% CaCO3, 4% H2O, 4% organic ...
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  • Carved Freshwater Pearl

    Carved Freshwater Pearl

    Do you feel smooth round pearl is too boring? Let’s have some fun about the carved freshwater pearl beads. These are hand-carved loose freshwater pearls. Any customized carving pattern is available. ...
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  • Shell pearls

    Shell pearls

    What is the shell pearl? Many people like pearl very much, but only a part of them know the shell pearls and another will say what is the shell pearl? and they are fake pearl? The shell pearl is a new 'pearl ' which is made by shell. People open the oyster and pick up th...
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  • Pearl Mabe

    Pearl Mabe

    PEARL “MABE” – This is a marine cultured pearl blister shape. The largest type of natural blister pearl. Pearls “MABE” has an unusual hemispherical shape, which is explained by the fact that the pearl does not grow inside the mollusk, as it usually happens, but on th...
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  • The history of Pearls

    The history of Pearls

    From the time immemorial, Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, Jadeites and Pearls have been know as the "FIVE QUEENS" of the jewelry. Pearls are know as the "Paragon of Gemstone" for their warm elegant and nobility of temperament, this is the most important reason why...
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  • Shipping the goods

    Shipping the goods

    Our customer placed an urgent order of pearl necklace and other fashion jewelry at the beginning of the July, With the efforts of the whole company, we rushed out this wholesale order and arrange the shipment today. In order to shorten the time in all processes, when fin...
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  • How to protect the pearl jewelry

    How to protect the pearl jewelry

    When you like one piece or some pieces pearl jewelry and decide to bring it or them to home and you wear it or them from time to time, you will find the luster of pearl is much duller than when they first brought.  You may be confused by this . How to protect pearl jewel...
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