• flaws on pearls

    flaws on pearls

    A pearl without blemish is not a real pearl. There are no pearls that are completely flawless, even if the surface seems flawless, viewing with a magnifying glass will reveal flaws on the surface of the pearl. We often say flawless pearls generally means that no flaws can be seen 0.5 meters far a...
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  • Pearl jewelry’s matching

    Pearl jewelry’s matching

    For those who have not tried pearl jewelry, pearl earrings or pearl pendants are the best choice. Whether you are gentle or open, the pearl jewelry’s tolerant, making it no matter who wear will not look obtrusive. Wearing pearl jewelry in daily life is gentle and generous, and elegant in major o...
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  • Pearls’color


    The natural world is magical. Nature gives them appearance and texture, and then humans give them price and value. As a representative in jewellery, pearls are definitely worthy of our discussion. Common colors of freshwater pearls are: white, pink, peach, and purple. So why there are so many col...
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  • Will Freshwater Pearls Cheap?

    Zhuji is the main producing area of freshwater pearls in China. Almost 80% of the country’s freshwater pearls are produced here, but the current situation is different from previous years, it is getting harder and harder to purchase for buyers. In the early years, the farmers sent pearls to...
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  • Wild Pearls

    Wild Pearls

    Almost all the pearls we usually see are the products of large-scale cultivation, because of Mikimoto, who successfully cultivated cultured pearls in the early 20th century. Before that, the only way to obtain pearls was to rely on poor fishermen collecting and fishing o...
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  • Will pearls depreciate

    Will pearls depreciate

    The reason for the devaluation of pearls is preservation. However, some large-sized pearls have risen because of their scarcity, such as seawater pearls over 16mm, and large freshwater pearls of excellent quality. ...
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  • Baroque Pearl

    Baroque Pearl

    Baroque pearls refer to those pearls with irregular shapes. Baroque originated in Portuguese. It means a pearl that is not round, and originally refers to a pearl with a weird shape. Later it developed into an artistic style, pursued an irregular form. The Baroque style ...
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  • Did you wear it right in autumn and winter?

    Did you wear it right in autumn and winter?

    Darkness breeds light, suffering sharpens treasures. A woman wearing a pearl necklace will be shine, it’s true. The moist long pearl necklace is the most suitable single product to enhance the temperament, especially in the autumn and winter of black, white and gray.The moist long pearl necklace ...
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  • Soul Mate of Female

    Soul Mate of Female

    It doesn’t matter if you’re bankrupt and you can’t wear big-name clothes. Wearing this pearl necklace can remind yourself that you used to be a celebrity…” Caroline said——Movie <2 Broke Girls> “Innocence and mellowness”, “gentleness and patience”, &...
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  • White pearls vs colored pearls

    White pearls vs colored pearls

    Pearls also have colorful colors. Although people have not yet fully concluded the reasons for the color formation of colorful pearls, it can be concluded from the colors of pearls that the colors of pearls have a great relationship with the mother-of-pearl that breeds t...
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  • Dyed Gold Pearl Beads and South Sea Gold Pearl Beads

    Dyed Gold Pearl Beads and South Sea Gold Pearl Beads

    The golden pearl we usually talk about refers to the South Sea Pearl, which is a kind of seawater pearl born in the oceans north of Australia, the Philippines, Malaysia and the Indonesian archipelago. Because of its golden color, it is called the South Sea Gold Pearl, also called the South Sea Pe...
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  • Why Does Your Pearl Jewelry Always been Wear-out?

    Why Does Your Pearl Jewelry Always been Wear-out?

    There has been a news reported about a suspected pearl cost case in a jewelry testing center: Mr. Chou spent nearly USD1,500 to buy one freshwater pearl necklace for his wife, but just after one summer, the pearl necklace that his wife often wears shrank by nearly 1.5mm,...
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